Canon EOS DSLR Camera Seminar

Presented by Canon

Discover all the power inside your new Canon EOS DSLR camera in this program created and instructed by Canon.


Enter the world of your EOS Digital SLR and learn how to make great pictures with it! We'll help you get out of the "automatic" modes to make better pictures, but won't overload you with anything too technical.


Take your DSLR photography to new heights by learning fundamental photographic concepts, about lenses, accessories and techniques, as well as how to specifically navigate your Canon EOS camera.


Anyone with a Canon EOS DSLR is welcome to attend this seminar, but the focus is on beginners. All EOS Rebel series cameras and the EOS 80D are covered. If you have a 1D, 5D or 7D series camera and you’re new to Canon you should also come, you’ll definitely get something out of this seminar!


Whether you just got your camera or want to learn more about one you’ve had for a while, don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from the source!


What You’ll Learn

  • Fundamentals: Auto, Program, Aperture, Shutter, ISO, Metering, White Balance
  • Learn the buttons, dials & menus
  • Discover how to use critical functions including exposure compensation, drive modes, autofocus and more
  • Ask the Canon’s technical rep your questions in-person


$59.00 plus Eventbrite processing fee


Or register for FREE using the promotional code on the ticket that came with your camera!


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