Data Recovery Service

Standard Service 1-2 Days


Due to accidental deletion, pressing the reformat button in camera, or various other reasons for damage (e.g. low battery power, turning off while writing/reading), you may have lost your valuable pictures from your memory card. Do not worry! In most cases, they are still recoverable.


Bring us your damaged or corrupted memory card and our skilled technicians will do everything possible to recover your valuable photos and videos. Once your data is recovered we will copy it to a DVD or Flash drive. If we are unable to recover any data there is no charge!


Here are a few examples of what may cause your card to become corrupted:


  • Photos deleted unintentionally or intentionally from memory cards.
  • Photo loss due to "Format" or "Re-Format" operation in the camera.
  • Memory card corruption, damage.
  • Damage or memory card error due to turning camera off unexpectedly.


For more information please contact our Custom Imaging Department at 303-443-1715 ext.124



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