Garden of the Gods Photo Walk


In this two part group workshop we will be exploring the back trail of garden of the gods and shoot from a vantage point for sunrise. We will meet at the main parking lot and take the Palmer trail to overlook Garden of the Gods for Sunrise. Some hiking will be involved, but nothing intensive. This will be a fun class where we'll learn from one another, but focus on landscape shooting techniques. In the follow up class, we will review our images and collectively critique our work. The instructor will also provide editing techniques in Photoshop including: Basic adjustment layers, blending multiple images via layer masks, sharpness tips, color correction tips, and output tips.


2-Part Workshop Dates

Sun, March 4, 6:15 am - 8:15 am (park opens at 5 am) Photo Shoot


Sat, March 10, 10:30am - 12:30pm,

Review & Critique at Mike's Camera - Colorado Springs



What will be needed

  • Camera

  • Lenses or lens (preferable wide angle to mid-range)

  • Several batteries due to cold weather

  • Memory

  • Tripod

  • Filters (circular polarizer or graduated neutral density filters recommended, but not required.)

  • Shutter release recommended, but not required

  • Warm cloths! ( this includes hat, gloves, socks, shoes, coat, and anything else you can think of to keep you from freezing.)

  • Headlamp or flashlight


What will be covered

  • Composition
  • Setting recommendations
  • Histogram overview
  • Filter usage
  • HDR application (in post or in camera)
  • Some flash technique
  • Focus stacking (in post)
  • RAW and .Jpeg picture style recommendations
  • Hyperfocal distance explanation

We look forward to seeing you!



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