“All macro images are close-ups but not all close-ups are macro images”- we will explore the similarities and differences between macro images and close-ups, show examples of each and present some fun tools and methods for making great images!


We’ll discuss in detail how to make great macro and close-up images with interchangeable lens cameras and accessories, as well as compact cameras and even smartphones.


What you'll Learn

  • Macro vs. Close-Up

  • Reversal rings – lens couplers

  • Close-up filters

  • Extension tubes/bellows

  • REAL macro/true macro lenses

  • Focusing rails, macro rigs

  • Macro lenses - what lenses are available, which one to use, and why you would use one or another

  • Lighting and additional tools

  • Review sample images from interchangeable lens cameras, compact cameras and smartphones

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Classes not scheduled for this quarter. Please check back for future scheduled dates.


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