Photo Management for Apple Devices



Learn from an Apple Expert organizational and management techniques for Apple Devices in a photographer’s world.


This class covers the best practices to use for Apple devices, including the iPhone, for your digital photo library. Using the abilities learned in this class you will be able to find the best solutions for your photography on any apple device.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Different programs available for Apple Devices for Photo Libraries
  • Ways to work with external storage devices, and the iCloud
  • Questions and Answer demonstration with current Apple Technology, plus past Apple computers with an Apple Expert

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More Info

This class offers a wide variety of techniques for Apple devices spanning 10 years, including iPhones with the ability for iCloud. This is a basics course, all users are welcome to take the course, and half of the time will be spent in a Q&A and Live Demo situation to further understand the points made in the class.


Please keep in mind you may bring your computer with you, however there will be limited space available, the Q&A session is with the entire group where the demonstration or problem solving will be done on screen. If you do decide to bring your computer make sure you have full battery and that it is a laptop.


We will be going over:

  • Programs
  • Folders
  • Photo Storage
  • Albums
  • Importing
  • Backups
  • Any questions that may come up from your peers.

About your Instructor

Samantha Koch worked for Apple Inc. for 2.5 years before arriving back home to Colorado in 2015. She has her BA in Cinema and Media Production & Photography from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Currently she uses a Macbook Pro and an iPhone X, and shoots with a Nikon d7200.


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