Portrait Photography: Natural Light

Dublin, California

Discover how to make amazing portraits using natural, available light. Learn hands-on from master Robert Silver while you photograph a professional live model!


If you want to produce pictures that capture the true personality of your subject in natural lighting conditions then this class is a must-take! In this hands-on event we use only available light along with various reflectors and backgrounds - we also discuss ways to pose your subject to create professional-quality portraits of them.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to manipulate natural light using reflectors, diffusers, modifiers and other tools

  • Effective tips to pose and work with a model / subject

  • Explore various backgrounds to create different and unique looks

  • How to create professional-looking portfolio pieces

The class is broken up into two distinct parts:


First we provide you with in-depth instruction on how to photograph available-light portraits.


Then you'll have an opportunity to apply your new knowledge while taking photos of a professional model. A model-release form will be provided so you can use the images to help build your portfolio.



About your Instructor:

Robert Silver is an award-winning and published photographer. With years of commercial, fashion & portrait photography experience he has a wealth of information and charismatically informs those he teaches. Robert is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). When not in his full-service commercial photo studio, or teaching, Robert can be found Mike's Camera in Dublin. Learn more about Robert and see his work: RobertSilverPhotography.com


Because of the hands-on nature of this class and the complexities of the subject matter it’s limited to 15 people.


Mike’s Camera Dublin




$99.00, plus Eventbrite online processing fee

Tuition includes instruction & hands-on activities, plus a $10 coupon you can use towards anything in-store at any Mike's Camera location!


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