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This is a non-Nikon specific seminar designed to help you get started shooting sports pictures of your kids. Watching your child play their sport can be fun and exciting. Shooting pictures of your child playing their sport can be difficult and frustrating! Mike's Camera and Nikon understand how tough it is to get started making great pictures of your little super-star.


To help you capture the height of the action and bag the winning shot, Mike's Camera invites you to our sports photography seminar. Photographer and Instructor, Jeff Mitchell, has over 20 years of sports photography experience.


Come learn the tips and tricks to make your sports pictures come alive. Join us as Jeff Mitchell discusses Exposure modes, ISO settings, Lens selection, Menu settings, Techniques and Tips (and much more) for getting Gold Medal pictures of your athlete!


This seminar is aimed at the beginning sports photographer and will cover non-professional gear. We will also look at professional gear options discussing growth options within your system.


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$59 per participant

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Run Time: 90 minutes


Attendee Experience Level: None

Beginner - Advanced - Expert

Recommended Camera Owners: Any Nikon or Non-Nikon DSLR*


*Owners of ACIL and Compact Cameras are welcome to attend. However the program will includetopics that do not directly apply to their cameras.


topics that do not directly apply to their cameras.


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